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Music Posters

Artists release music posters before or after the release of their CDs to advertise their music or concerts. Like other posters, the primary aim of music posters is marketing. These posters aim to tell the audience about the singer and normally contain the artist's picture or images from their music video. They also advertise the name of the album as well as dates and venues of concerts. The posters are usually designed keeping in mind the image of the musician as well as the kind of music he or she plays.

However, no matter of what kind, these posters are popular collector's items. Music lovers treat them as souvenirs of their favorite musicians' performances. They serve as reminders of the concert that a person did or did not attend. They are more popular amongst younger people who also use these to decorate their walls. Music posters are very colorful and visually attractive.

Music posters are available for purchase online. There are a great number of websites that sell music posters of all artists, genres, and period. Music such as hard rock, classical, and jazz, rendered by different artists is available on these websites. However, older music posters such as those of Elvis and the Beatles are harder to come by. All websites give a visual of the poster, and some of them also offer an option to view the poster framed or mounted. There are also options such as limited edition posters, normal options, door posters, matted prints, canvas prints, textile poster flags, and black light posters, among others.

Music posters are not very expensive as compared to movie posters. However rare and old posters are more expensive than others, and might not be in perfect condition as a result of age and wear and tear. Music posters prove to be much more than just an advertisement. These posters become an extension of the musicians' image for music aficionados and collectors alike.

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