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Rotterdam: Glory of Netherlands

Rotterdam, the modern city of Netherlands has risen from the ashes of World War II. Its Phoenix like revival has given the world an example of how something completely devastated can be restored. Rebuilding process causes most of the demolition. It is today’s worlds’ largest sea port. The City Hall, The St. Laureance Church and White survived the war miraculously.

It is the most modern city of Netherlands. With high rising towers of company and building and quality amenities, this city never lets you feel that it has been rebuilt. The architects of several countries contributed in rebuilding the city—they applied their theories to make Rotterdam a giant tunnel. A perfect place for nice night outs, Rotterdam is a place which possesses the assets like Thalialounge. for classical music De Doelen is a wonderful venue. Now&Now clubs and Off Corso and Baja Beach Club are very popular destinations amongst tourists. Rotterdam nightlife is fantastic.

The symbol of Rotterdam is the Euromost Space Tower. It is 605 ft high and you can seethe panoramic view of the city from the top of this tower. Surrounding landing Industrial harbor landscape is also viewable. The harbour, one of the busiest in the world, is a draw in itself and still the largest one if you count by pure volume. Museums in the city also attract people from every corner of the world. Excellent collection of paintings, sculpture and art are available to give you a unique experience. The Dutch institutes of photography and of architecture are located right near the center, and there are lots of galleries.


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