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Through Efficiency and Technology - We Can Cut Our Nations Energy Consumption 50% by 2025

There is a big debate out there on how much energy consumption that our nation can reduce through technology and conservation. If we concentrate on efficiency one recent report suggest that we can reduce our energy usage by up to 35%, yet the Environmental Protection Agency disagrees, stating in a recent report that the United States of America can save 50% of its energy consumption by 2025 or before.

In England they have saved quite a bit of energy thru changing all the light bulbs, which is a very wise thing to do, and they are working to save even more with such initiatives. Still, over all energy use is a factor of growth in population and the number of new homes and businesses.

In the United States we just went through a period of a major increase in residential homes, which as you know led to the current credit crunch and economic fallout, still even with those issues aside, think of all the increased energy usage. Worse, most of the builders were building the houses as cheap as possible and that meant fewer energy saving materials which long term make a difference in our nation's energy usage.

So, this great controversy of how much energy we can save in the US is still up for radical change and interpretation. There are factors of growth, economic inflation and future materials, and everything must be considered when determining the future of our energy usage. Besides who knows what alternative energies we will be using in the future?

Learn more and get a full report from the EPA (1.3MB);


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