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Diy Solar Panels » Cost Of Solar Panels

Solar Power Can Save You a Fortune

Solar panels may be quite expensive to install, however after that initial installation cost the actual cost of the electricity is nothing. Once you have paid the cost of installing the panels the electricity should be free. At the moment Solar Panels are quite expensive due to the new technology. However over time the cost of such systems are starting to fall. Although such systems can appear extremely expensive you should also remember the amount of money that it will save you.

If you are considering installing solar power panels then you should consider the initial outlay as an investment. Most solar power systems are guaranteed to stay working for 5 years or more, this means if you take the cost of installing the total system and divide it by 60 you can work out a monthly cost of your solar panels. If the price is lower than your electricity bill then it will pay for itself and that's if it only lasts for the 5 years.

Another thing you must consider when working out the actual cost of your solar panels is to work out the cost of your loan if applicable. If you had a loan to install these panels then you should work out the interest rates so you can get the actual costing. You may also get tax deductions for using environmentally friendly sources of electricity.

Important things to consider before installing solar panels

Converting your home to run on solar power is a major project for any homeowner. It is also very costly and you will want to make sure you get all of the facts before you go ahead. Work out how well the solar power system will work, will you get enough sun to generate enough electricity to make up for the initial investment. Bay windows make your home more attractive.

In some areas around the country it might be possible to generate high levels of electricity all year round because of good levels of sun. However in other areas you may not get enough sunlight in the winter, in this situation you may still have to pay your electricity bill in certain seasons. Although this means you won't get completely free electricity all the year, it should mean that your electricity bills will be lower. Solar panels can also be used to generate power even if the power station is destroyed.

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