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Solar Panels

Until now we have been using fossil fuels for sustaining most of the daily activities that need electric power. Hot water, warmed rooms during winter, lights in the house and in the garden they might all fade away. Alternative energy can be something to consider as it is for free and it does not pollute the environment. We are talking here about special devices that can capture the sun light and transform it into power. Such a device is the solar panel.

Solar panels are made of many solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells that are connected with each other and placed in a frame. These solar cells are responsible with capturing the sunlight and transform it into energy. The solar panel must be exposed in a sunny place where are no shadows to interfere with the sun light capturing process. Such a place can be the house roof. The higher the sun light intensity is, the higher the quality of the solar panel output is.

Modern solar panels have attached to them a storage unit which allows them to store energy and use it when the sun is not on the sky or when it does not provide enough energy to the panel. Such a thing can happen during the night or in the cloudy days and we still need power during those times so it is best to have a storage unit installed on the solar panel.

Solar panels are not what they used to be. They are being improved and modernized every year and now we can find on the market solar panels at a medium size that can capture and store enough energy to provide enough electricity for our daily activities with no problem.

Solar panels can charge our cell phone's battery, they can heat our bathing water, they can light our gardens during the night and warm our homes in winter and all this is being done for free, this is why they are such a great invention.

Consulting with an expert in this matter in order to decide which type of solar panel suits you best should be taken in consideration if deciding to have solar panels installed on your house. More and more people are installing such wonderful devices on their property and they are all happy that their bills are running low and they protect nature.

Article Wrote By Csaba Nilgesz. You'll find interesting articles about solar panels and solar cooling on my solar energy website.

Source: www.articlealley.com