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How Solar Panels Work: An Old Phenomenon For A New Purpose

The three main concerns people consider when they install solar panels are what amount of money that solar energy can save them on their electric bill, the effect this kind of thing may have on the environment, as well as the efficiency of this type of alternative energy source. These concerns can be broken down into three categories: the angle of the solar panels, rain, and snow.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, the angle of solar panels and the existing angle of the roof. The angle of the roof installation of solar panels is essential for generating its overall effectiveness. The size of the roof with a good descending angle and southern exposure are major factors for solar panel success. This means that the tilt must be considered as well as the direction of the solar panels. Sometimes it is necessary to re build part of the home in order to perfect your solar home and solar panels.

Secondly, the rain is not typically a problem when you have solar panels. As a matter of fact, the rain is often very effective for cleaning the surface of your solar panels. Especially at an angle recommended, one does not usually even have to worry about debris etc, they will all be virtually washed away because of the angle of your solar energy panels.

Thirdly, the because of the slipperiness in which it was designed and, once again because of the angle in which they are constructed, snow will soften and slide off of the surface of most solar panels. Many people with solar homes are very satisfied with the efficiency of their solar panels, and rarely claim to have problems even in the snow.

A major concern, almost parallel to the concern of the unpredictability wind in the generation of wind power is, of course, the weather. When clouds block the sun from the rays you begin to rely on, your solar power may, perhaps, be negatively effective.

The entire concept of solar power panels is designed around the idea of the greenhouse effect this phenomenon more than any other is key to a solar home designed with solar panels. Nonetheless, it has been reported that people whose homes use solar panels have, from time to time, experienced brown outs for lack of backup solar power collected by solar home systems.

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