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Home Solar Panels

Home solar panels are devices consisting of photovoltaic (PV) cells or modules that convert sunlight directly into electricity and these can power home and consumer products.

PV modules are clusters of PV cells, electrically connected and made into one frame. Initially, PV panels were used in space applications, but in course of time, these came to be a system that can be integrated into the power grid or as input to power various products for routine use at home. For example, one need not buy batteries again, for there is a lantern that runs on solar power. Charge it for ten hours of sunlight; the lantern gets electricity that works for about six hours.

PV cells on solar panels are made of special semiconductor materials such as silicon. Light that strikes the cell, along with its energy, is absorbed by the silicon. In the process, electrons are set free and flow into a current. With the help of metal contacts placed on the top and bottom of the PV cell, the current can be drawn out for external use. This can power devices like calculators and other gadgets.

Nearly any common home-application device can be solar powered these days. The following are all available as solar-powered items: solar-powered radios; three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-volt selectable solar panels with two-AA chargers; rechargeable halogen lanterns; rechargeable flashlights with universal battery adapters/chargers; light pens; portable solar folding panels; portable power sources; electric fencers; plant turners; cool caps; bicycle lights; fluorescent lights; panels for computer notebooks; go-anywhere portable multi-power sources; energy kits; bike turn signals/warning kits; racer car kits; wooden airplane kits; wooden helicopter model kits; plant soil water reminders; solar house number lights, and others. Solar panel devices are thus becoming to very popular in homes.

The prices of various solar panel devices range from $336 for seventy watt, $369 for eighty watt, $515 for 115 watt to $669 for 165 watt.

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